Education Pricing

priPirnter is perfect for schools. It can be your personal print assistant or used in a school class as tool for group printing.

priPrinter software is available at an education discounts for students, teachers and institutions. Regular dsicount is 30%. You can purchase priPrinter for your personally owned computer or computers owned by your school.

Who Qualifies?

To save with education pricing you must be a student, a student accepted to college, a parent buying for a student, teacher, facility or a stuff member.

Proof of Eligibility

Please provide your full name, name of your university, your grade or position. You must present a document issued by instituon with your name, institution name and date. It can be:

Contact us if you are unclear about how to qualify.

Contact us

You may send scanned document or make a photo with your mobile phone. Please contact us at or use our contact form.

Sensitive information may be removed in image editor.


Hi priPrinter team,

My name is John Smith, I'm second grade student at Vienna technical university ( ), photo of my student card is attached.
Could I have student discount?

Thank you,

We'll send you a coupon code which you can use in our order page.