We serve a wide variety of clients ranging from individuals to medium-sized corporations. In addition to regular technical advices regarding usage of priPrinter product range our engineers help to impove printing workflow.

With years of experience in printing, documents, PDF and software development, our team is always on the technology edge.

Our Services include, but are not limited to:

Custom features and actions
We may simplify or automate your, very specific printing workflow by writing special macros(scripts) or adding special features into current product.
General Help
We may help to orgainise your printing in the best way and help with installation.
Silver Support Plan
Rapid 24x7 telephone, email or skype support for immediate assistance.
Special builds
With built-in your own features including branding text or color themes, special help system, extended or simplified functionality.
Custom printing apps
Printer drivers, photo printings, etc.


Examples of custom features and macros

Printing school reports

School software prints report cards in non duplex mode. priPrinter extracts grade from report card and prints grade specific notes on the back side in duplex mode.

Extra Command

Just a button in priPrinter which finds special word on the pages and selects or deletes all pages

Special Printing

Print few pages on papers in one tray, rest pages on papers from another tray. Any range may be printed in duplex or simplex mode, watermarks may be added to specific pages, etc.


Save each printout into predefined network folder in PDF format.


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