priPrinter is a fast and very efficient print previewer and virtual printer. priPrinter can handle very big print jobs and may change them in many ways. For instance,  priPrinter can put several pages onto one sheet of paper, apply watermarks or remove pages. priPrinter can help you with rearranging pages or jobs, removing margins and making text corrections. priPrinter can help you with generating PDF files with help of real-time preview and ability to optimize size of PDF files.

From print preview to 3D preview, separate settings to themes - priPrinter always can help you with all print related tasks.

priPrinter ScreenshotpriPrinter 6

priPrinter Icon First class user interface

priPrinter uses well known Microsoft-style interface with ribbons. Command are logically groupped into tabs and their are easy to find and use. priPrinter interface can be configured in order to meet user requirements. For insance look and feel of latest MS Office can be easily achieved on computer with Win XP.

See priPrinter screenshots.

Print Preview

  • priPrinter offers superior print preview experience with the ability to work in 3D or Full Screen mode.
  • High Quality rendering engine removes jagged edges of vector graphics.
  • Rulers. Use horizontal and vertical rulers to inspect page layouts.
  • Zoom and Pan.
  • Transparent mode.
  • Loupe and measurements.
  • Search for specific text fragment.


Of course one of final goals is printing. priPrinter can print in one sided mode, auto duplex mode or manual duplex mode with 3D page flip instructions. 3D page flip instructions are great and very helpful.

Here are few of many printing options:

  • Ink saving mode and ink estimation tool.
  • Brightness and Contrast control.
  • Bitmap mode for printers with weak drivers.
  • Print pages into image files. JPEG,TIFF, PNG, BMP and TGA formats are supported.


Publish your document right to Adobe PDF in one click. Page layout, cropping and all settings are preserved. There is no need to print your document to PDF printer again and again in case you are unhappy with results. You will have exactly the same look as on your screen. If you change something in your printer job - your PDF document will reflect those changes.

  • Encryption
  • Signatures
  • 3D Graphics in U3D format (New!)

Page Layout

Page layout in priPrinter is logical and very powerful.

  • Original layout, or an unlimited number of pages per sheet.
  • Adjustable margins and gutters. You can also specify row and column spacing by mouse drag and drop or by entering exact values.
  • Automatic or manual page scaling.
  • Adjustable page position.


It's a program profile containing page layout, margins, gutters, all print settings, effects, watermarks. A theme is applied to a document as a single selection. It simplifies switching from one workflow to another. At the same time theme is a simple .xml file which can be edited in any text editor or by priPrinter itself.


There is a mode for printing booklets. In this mode priPrinter arranges source pages on the paper sheets in a special way so after printing and folding you will have ready booklet.

Booklet can be vertical or horizontal. It is possible to configure maximum number of sheets in fold, size of margins and gutters. It's even possible to to print mini booklet on regular paper.


Poster mode is used for making big printings, bigger than can be produced by regular desktop printer. Usually it's used to print only one poster from one source page, but you allowed put few small pages onto big poster canvas.


With forms you can create your own letterheads and print any document using these letterheads. It can be invoice, stock form, etc. Position of form can be easy configured. All forms are accessible in the list and it is possible to switch from different ones.

Crop and Cut

Crop tool helps you to remove redundant data from your pages. It may be page numbers, headers, footers or blank page margins. This tool works perfectly on the whole document, at the same time each page can be handled separetelly.

Of course, it's possible to use regular copy, paste, delete commands if you want to work with pages in the classic way.


It is easy to create watermarks, notes, callouts and page numbers.
Any font, size, color can be used, macros are supported.

Each watermark can be saved for later use or be a part of the theme.

Add an additional layer of protection to your documents with custom watermarks!

Corrections and Reviewing's

Effects and Filters

Like photoshop, it is possible to turn document to grayscale, and even change brightness, contrast or invert colors. Last ones are very good for printing scanned documents.

Many features are specific to printing, inlcuding: page borders, crop marks, black text.


An unique tools for moving content from one page to another allows to fit MS Excel tables to one sheet or shrink document to one sheet. There are fully automated solutions which can do everything with one single click or there are more flexible low level commands.

Page Before Shring+ Page Before Shring Reflow

Print History

In additional to list of recently printed jobs in File menu, priPrinter Professional or Server can show print history window. It becomes very natural to review your print history. Along with job name priPrinter displays number of pages, job size, date of print. Server Edition shows remote computer and user name as well.

Full History Search

Use Full History Search to find pages you’ve printed in the past. To find a document, simply begin typing in the Search History field and click Enter. All printed jobs with your phrase will be displayed. Just click on the job and priPrinter instantly locates all occurrences of the text in this job, shows you the first page, and highlights every instance. First instance is especially highlighted.

priPrinter Script Icon Scripting

priPrinter Script is a powerful and flexible scripting language built into priPrinter Professional. You can use Script to create buttons with custom actions, automate repetitive tasks, make custom layout or even automatically change pages before print preview.


With priPrinter you can automate your workflow or at least simplify your repetitive tasks.

priPrinter In Depth

  • priPrinter is small, fast and efficient.
  • Almost unlimited number of pages. For instance priPrinter can handle more than 10,000 pages with ease.
  • Advanced image and font management. Even very heavy and graphics rich documents can be handled by priPrinter.
  • 32 and 64-bit versions in one installer. Right version for your computer is installed automatically.
  • priPrinter is available in many languages.
  • Because priPrinter is Unicode based application, you can print content in any number of languages, including Arabic, English, and Japanese. PDF publisher module is designed to handle all languages automatically.
  • priPrinter Software Update. Get quick, easy access to the latest priPrinter updates. Learn more about how priPrinter Update works.
  •  Works on LogoWindows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista™, Windows® XP, Windows® 2000 and Windows® Server 2003. 32 and 64-bit Operating Systems.