Printing Tables

Sometimes it is hard to fit MS Excel Icon MS Excel document in one paper sheet even in case if your table was designed in the right way. You may receive two pages instead of one – second page will contain right columns. Most often this means that you have to redesign your table and print again.

Now, with priPrinter 6.0 it is possible to solve this issue right in print preview.

1For instance, we may receive two pages. Left part of table is in one page, while right part is on another one.

Print Excel Table Step 1

2It is possible to join these two pages in one. Firsty let's select these two pages. We can do it with help Ctrl+Left Mouse Click.

Right click on any selected page in the left window, and select Combine Pages -> Smart Horizontally.

Print Excel Table Step2

Horizontally - means that pages will be joined by vertical border. Smart - priPrinter will inspect content in the left and right pages and will calculate additional offset in order to precisely join pages - without gap or overprinting.


3After combining we will have one page with table, which can be printed on the one piece of paper.

Print Excel Table Step3

Everything is that simple.

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