What's new in priPrinter 6.6

In 6.X versions almost all changes are inside. Despite of that, changes are great. For instance: Support of different sizes and orientations, Page combining mode especially optimized for Excel tables, New 2X faster JPEG library.



This release brings many small but important features, along with many small fixes.

PDF version

Currently priPrinter automatically selects PDF version based on document and used features, but sometimes version is more important than features and size of document. So there is a choice. This is in PDF Options dialog.

PDF Version


priPrinter already has its own scripting engine and extension is a more advanced sort of scripts. For instance, extension may have its own button in the ribbon, or configuration dialog. For instance, very simple extension creates custom button in priPrinter ribbon UI.

 Extension button

Extension manager

priPrinter Extension Manager

Starred documents

Just a small feature to show all starred (pinned) documents on the top of the list. "Starred documents" are available on a history tab.

Starred documents



This release is mostly about bug fixes and minor improvents.




priPrinter 6.0 Screenshot

 Features in Depth

Portrait/Landscape orientation and different paper sizes - This new feature is available in Original or One Page layout when orientation is Automatic.

While mixed orientations can be printed quite good, different paper sizes are for PDF mostly. Parts which can be clipped by your printer will be highlighted with red color.

PDF - Convert text to curves - This is an additional option in PDF options, advanced tab.

Flip printing - this is an additional control, which can be configured via print preview pane options.

Combine pages horizontally - Select two or more pages, right click on any selected page and select combine.

Before Horizontal Combine After Horizontal Combine



Learn more about printing tables.

JPEG library - priPrinter quite often compress and decompress images. It happens every time you print to priPrinter, open .priPrinter file, generate PDF file. New code is about two times faster, as result the whole printing experience is smoother.


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