priPrinter has a very powerful tools for work with page layout. You can change options one by one, or use predefined themes.

Custom Layout, Booklets, Posters

  • Keep original layout or print 1, 2, 3, 4 or any number of pages on a single paper sheet.
  • Adjustable margins and gutters.
  • Custom scaling.
  • Drag your pages with mouse.
  • Booklet or Poster mode.
  • priPrinter list of ThemesThemes

    Theme is a combination of page layout, margins, gutters, all print modes, effects and watermarks. A theme may be applied to a document as a single selection. It simplifies switching from one workflow to another. Any theme can be selected as default for any printer, this allows to create several printers with separate settings.

    Crop and Cut


    Crop pages by rectangle, remove headers, footers or just remove all redundant or unwanted information. You can crop individual pages, selected pages or all of them.
    With Cut tool internal parts of source pages can be removed.

    Page rotation and rearrangement


    Any print job can be used as form or letter head. Just save any document to the list of forms and use it as letter head. Form can be below or above a main document. In case of N-up layout form can attached to a source page or a whole paper sheet.

    priPrinter Layout in Depth