Letterheads (Forms, Company blank)

Forms* here are a company blanks, letterheads, official writing papers or any other sheets of paper with preprinted information. Usually such papers should be ordered from print shop and they may contain company logo, contact information, address, bank account details. This papers can be used in a regular printer in order to print offical letters, reports or documents.

This tutorial describes how to automatically add form to any printed document using priPrinter software.

Forms Composition

Fast and Easy

Shortly - we should print already prepared form to priPrinter. In the same as any other document. In priPrinter we are saving print-out in the list of forms. After that it will be in the list and it will be possible to select it from there. All printed documents will contain that form. That's it.

Rest part of this tutorial descibes this process more detailed.

Step by Step instructions

*Let's assume, you have already prepared form (company blank) which you may print to printer.

  Making letterhead in MS Word

*Let's assume, you have already prepared form (company blank) which you may print to printer.

This form may be in .doc (MS Word), PDF (Adobe Acrobat) or any other prinatble format. If yes, *just print to priPrinter.
If you only thinking about such form, it will be easy to create brand new form with help of MS Word or any other software. For instance, see screenshot on the right. It shows how we made our own company blank.

*Of course you should select rigth paper size and orientation.


Most likely, you want to print form as it was designed, e.g. be same as real form from print shop. Or speaking on computer language - without translation and scale. 

1 After printing your form to priPrinter, please, reassure that Original Layout is selected and empty page margins are not removed. In order to check margins, go to Crop Box tab  and click on Remove button. This button removes all crop and cut information. Return to Page Layout tab. Please, check how form looks like. Our form in priPrinter is shown on screenshot below. In case if everything is OK, we can go to next step. Or, you can even print this form to printer in order to double check how empty form will be printed.

Printed Form/Letterhead

2 Let's activate Forms tab. Please check that "Paper" mode is selected. This mode is similar to Original Layout  in Page Layout tab. Again: it means no scaling and translations - print page as is.
Form Align Mode

Click on Save As Form button. See image below.

Form Save Button

In dialog, please, provide name of form. Also, please reassure that [X] Save Form Settings is checked. Press OK

3In the list of forms, please select this new form. BTW, it's possible to put this list into quick access toolbar. 

Select form from the list

That's all. Now all printed documents on top of this new form. On image below, you may see letter on top of our company blank. Yes, we created this form few minutes ago and it contain our contact information, bank account, etc.

Document with Letterhead

In order to select another form, simple select it from the list. If you want to remove form, select "None" from the list.

Form position

So, in "Paper" mode, form will be printed as it is, like on pre printed paper.

In Page mode, form is fitted into printer work area. Margins are defined independently of main document. When Form tab is selected, margins can be dragged in a usual way. After adjusting margins, form may be resaved with help of "Resave Current Form" command.

Additional features

*Form on top / document on top. By default, main document is printed on top of the form. But in case if your documens contain white areas, which may cover the text of the form, your may print the form on top of the document.

*Form from start. Form can be printed on the first, last papers or on all of them. Please note, one page of the form may be printed on the first page of a document, while rest pages will be covered by second form's page - just an example.

*Features provided in priPrinter UI covers about 99% of all use cases.  However if you need some special layout, it's always possible to implement it with help of scipt language. For instance - form can be printed on the first and each 4th page. Last page may conatin something else.

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