3D Print Preview first part

Print Preview

priPrinter is all about print preview and it can do preview really well.

3D Preview

3D is not just for fun. With complex documents (e.g. multiple sheets per page, duplex printing, gutter enabled etc.) it allows you to clearly see how pages will come out. Of course you are able to do almost* the same things as in ordinary 2d mode.

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Full Screen view

priPrinter allows you to view all your pages in full-screen mode. To view the pages in full-screen mode, just click the Full Screen button or press "F11".


Horizontal and vertical rulers, measurement tool - you will be sure about exact position of each part of your prints.

note: Measurement tool gives an ability to pick two points on the page and specify required distance. Pages will be rescaled in order to meet your requirement.

Transparent mode

Transparent mode gives ability to check which parts are filled by graphics and which are not.


The Loupe tool magnifies pages from 10 to 6000%. Use it to zoom pages in main preview window or in thumbnails area. Loupe tool works in measurement and crop modes as well.

Job Information

List of fonts and bitmaps were used in print job.

* Text edition and text selection with cursor keys may not work properly in 3D.