Server Edition

priPrinter Server Edition is a network based print preview solution. It provides the ability to share a single print preview application across a network. This means, that any user can print from network computer while another person can preview it on *Server computer.
*Server in this context is just a computer where all print jobs can be previwed, modified, saved to PDF or printed.

Common Usage Scenarios

This print preview computer ( we call it server ) can be used to preview, edit, combine and rearrange print jobs. Of course, page layouts, watermarks and text correction are supported. Finally, all jobs can be printed or saved to .PDF file.

priPrinter Server Screenshot

priPrinter Server shows history of all printed documents and network users in a special, optional panel. Documents are arranged and grouped by date/time. Now it's very easy to find recently printed document.



System Requirements

Server or Client side:


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  • Installer contains 32 and 64 bit versions.
  • File is digitally signed and does not contain any adware.
  • There is no time limit.
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01 May 2023
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How to install



Now you can print from client computer to priPrinter server, preview will appear on "server" computer. priPrinter on the server side can be used as usual by local user.