How to reduce PDF file size

PDF file size could be an issue in many cases. priPrinter allows you to visualize content of .PDF file and reduce it's size in an interactive way.


priPrinter Professional has an unique feature for optimizing .PDF size. priPrinter shows size of images, fonts, pages or graphic commands and internal .PDF by means of chart diagram.

Usually images are significant part of any .PDF file. This means that you can reduce .PDF file by compressing images with more agressive level or by streetching them down even more. In order to do this just drag 'Quality' of 'Resolution' sliders.

You are free to change these sliders and and rebuild .PDF without resaving file. Updated .PDF with new diagram will be produced in seconds. If your are still not happy with results just change these sliders.

Finally press OK and receive .PDF file with exactly right size!


PDF Size Reducing