Manual Duplex

priPrinter has printer setup wizard. This wizard is able to configure printer with or without automatic duplex unit. You can run this wizard from printer properties dialog - tools tab. Or right from print preview pane. See image below.

How to run printer wizard

priPrinter supports printers with auto duplex feature and can automatically print on both sides. However what to do in case if your printer can't do that? In this case you can print all front sides, remove pages from output tray, flip them, insert into input tray and print back sides. Anyone who tried to do that, knows how complicated and not obvious it can be. You never know how to rotate pages, and always afraid  that back sides will be printed on top of front ones. Or back side can be up-side down. In case if you have two different printers it is much more complicated to remember how to flip pages for each printer. It's really frustrating, and it explains why double sided printing is used not so often.

priPrinter is able to solve this problem and now you can print on both sides with your printer very easy.

It work in the following way: You should print front sides as usual. Then, priPrinter shows you how to remove paper sheets from output tray, how to rotate them and how to insert them into input tray. And all these is in easy to understand 3D animation. You just should repeat these instructions. It's easier then static step by step instructions, since you don't have to use your imagination and recreate all intermediate steps. That's it. After that just click Print button, and back sides will be printed.

priPrinter has list of know printers, and in case if your printer is already in our database just select it. If not, you may pick similar one. However we do suggest to submit your printer in printer Configuration dialog and contacts us after that. Your printer will be added to online database as soon as possible and you will be able to use it.



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