Sample Scripts

Script is a tool that allows you to automate tasks and add custom functionality to priPrinter. For example you may define your own page layout, delete or select pages based on your own criteria. Script may be executed manually by clicking on a special button in Quick Access Bar or automatically for each new print job.

These samples could be used as a starting point for more sophisticated projects.

Simple Samples: Bates Numbering, Sending an email, Job time

Page Layouts: Custom floating layoutFixed layoyt with 3 pages per paper, Mixed layout

Print Machine Collects small print jobs and prints them as one part.
Auto Tray Automatically selects tray for A3 and A4 pages.

Sub-Booklet helper command: Provide number of sub-booklets instead of number of sheets per page.

Dialog: Check Page Visibility.

Custom commands: Save As button